How Using Microsoft 365 in the Modern Workplace Benefits Businesses

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The modern workplace requires collaboration tools and technologies that will improve employee efficiency.

With Microsoft 365, businesses have a way to improve their workplace technology, so they can meet their company’s needs. This bundle will help you with your workplace transformation, enabling your business to keep pace with the changing modern workplace. 

This solution from Microsoft can help businesses implement their security policies, host video meetings, and give modern workplaces the collaboration tools and technologies they need to work offline and remotely.

Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing solution that brings together the best Microsoft software, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility, to cater to businesses of all sizes. It can also encourage team collaboration in the workplace—bringing together teams and resources, all in one place. With Microsoft 365 voice and web conferencing, you allow for easy, fast, and efficient collaboration between your workers. And, with Microsoft 365’s mobile app integrations, working remotely is even more secure so your teams can work together, no matter where they are. 

The mobile device capabilities that come with Microsoft 365 include mobile device management capabilities, which safeguards app and security settings to Android, iOS devices, and Windows tablets and desktops, letting you foster a secure modern workplace for your team.

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact Study where they outlined the benefits of using Microsoft 365.

Let us outline the ways in which your organisation can achieve more together with Microsoft 365.

#1 Security Events Decrease

Security is a major concern for business. With their sensitive information in the hands of a hacker, a company can be ruined financially.

An average security breach costs $12 million. With Microsoft 365, end-user security events were cut by 50%. The Advanced Threat Protection and enhanced Exchange Online security reduce the number of successful phishing attempts and other attacks. It allows companies to eliminate other IT security solutions.

The three-year savings found was $4,433,400.  

#2 Efficiency Increases

Microsoft 365 includes all of Office 365’s productivity apps, including Skype for Business. Employees can participate in modern meetings, eliminating the need to travel for communication. By using Skype for Business instead of attending meetings in person, the study found more efficient online meetings reduced total meeting times by 1.5 hours per week. With this communication tool, you can easily add people to the meeting and markup documents together, eliminating the constant back and forth of documents.

The three-year savings found was $3,160,938.

#3 Collaboration Increases

When you’re able to increase collaboration in the office, it takes less time to get work done. Greater collaboration reduced the time it usually takes to review and create documents by two hours/week.

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Collaboration is needed on all kinds of documents—proposals, presentations, product designs, etc. The ability to collaborate in real time with colleagues and find information more quickly is a huge benefit to businesses.

The total savings over three years was $10,160,156.

#4 Downtime Decreases

Technology isn’t perfect. Just when you have an important deadline to meet, your computer crashes.

Microsoft 365 can come to your rescue. It eliminates all possibility of user downtime because email, systems, and information are available online.

To replace or repair a device after a crash or security event is 3.5 hours. During this time, the employee can’t complete their work. Microsoft 365 lets you access all your information and files from anywhere, on multiple devices, so you can still be productive.

Fifty percent of the repair was recaptured, and the three-year savings amounted to $200,813.

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To build a modern workplace, employers need the right collaboration tools and technologies that not only improve employee efficiency but create a secure workplace for their employees. A secure modern workplace starts with Microsoft 365.

Empower your team to achieve more together with Microsoft 365.

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