Why Microsoft Windows 10 Pro is Perfect for SMB

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Are you thinking of finally upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for your SMB? If so, you've made a good choice. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro offers much to professional companies in terms of sophisticated features, which makes it easier and safer to do business.

When you have Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, you have the ability to be more efficient, flexible, and creative. Your small business will enjoy the benefits!

Why Your Small Business Needs Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

These are the benefits you'll see once you get Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

1) Additional security: Built into Windows 10 Pro is Microsoft encryption software. This handy software can encrypt the Windows boot drive and other fixed drives within the system, along with external drives and USB keys.

If your small business requires you to travel frequently — even to nearby coffee shops — BitLocker is a help. It will ensure your customer, and employee data is locked down tight. If a drive is already encrypted, BitLocker will encrypt other files added to it. If you want, you also have the choice to suspend encryption or delete it.

2) Remote desktop connection: Now this one is a huge benefit to small and medium businesses. How often have you gone home sick from work, unable to finish a project or task because everything is still at the office?

With Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, this isn't a problem any longer. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro devices can initiate remote desktop connections. If you need to be at home for one reason or another, your work doesn't have to be interrupted. Simply access your work computer even though you're miles away.

Microsoft encryption software

3) The Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Devices with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro will soon have the new Fall Creators Update.

What does that mean for your small business? You get a lot cooler, useful features!

For starters, you'll have quick access to your top people. Pin them to the taskbar, and communication apps, like Mail and Skype, come up together filtered by individual. Without opening the apps, you can send an email or chat by tapping on the pinned contact.

The new update also allows you to work seamlessly from one device to another. If you're searching websites or articles on your phone, you can forward them to instantly open on your device.

You can continue doing what you're doing on a bigger screen, and if you need help, your personal Cortana assistant is there above the lock screen. Ask her to restart, shut down, or sleep your device.

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4) Other useful capabilities: With domain join, bring your own device into the office, and connect it to the office domain. IT admins can control which devices do what and have access to with group policy management, and lock down the Windows Store so employees can access specialized enterprise apps and nothing else.

Does Microsoft Windows 10 Pro sound pretty good? It can be yours through Evolve; it automatically accompanies all our solutions.

If you want increased flexibility, security, and efficiency within your small business, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro is perfect for you.

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