Why Windows 10 Pro Is Key to the Modern Workplace

May 31, 2018


We live in a digital world.

New tools and technologies affect the ways in which businesses conduct their operations. People are generally more tech savvy and reliant on digital tools to complete their work.

And with this digitization, even the most cherished tools and devices are undergoing changes and upgrades. In today’s ever-evolving workplace, employers must foster a happy work environment for their employees; employee happiness incentivizes them to work better and harder. Employers can ensure that their employees are happy by giving their staff the right equipment to feel productive and efficient at work.

Enter Windows 10 Professional. With the Windows 10 Pro upgrade, users get more sophisticated features that enhance their performance and productivity, and data security. Windows 10 Pro gives its users the freedom of security, optimization, and virtualization.

Read on to discover why businesses should switch to Windows 10 Pro.

IT Security

Giving employees the peace of mind that their data is secure has made the modern workplace a less stressful environment. 

According to the Analysis of the Adoption of Internet-based Technology conducted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, more than half the number of small businesses have been victimized by cyber criminals in a cyberattack. Recovering from a cyberattack takes time. Windows 10 Pro comes equipped with BitLocker capabilities, Windows Information Protection, and Windows Hello.

These features make users feel that their data is secure. And the virtualization-based security of Windows 10 Pro prevents malware installation to the OS layer.

With Windows 10 Pro, users get updated and current cyber protection for their data and devices; this protects their organization from the constant threat of cyberattacks. That is why Windows 10 Pro is key to the modern workplace; it offers the convenience of modern technology solutions for everyday issues, without sacrificing security. 

Keep Costs Minimal

Older PCs with outdated Intel chips leave devices vulnerable and open. New devices (those with the Windows 10 Pro upgrade) have the latest Intel chip. When companies do not replace their older devices (or upgrade their existing systems), they risk the additional cost of not doing anything. After all, older devices will stop receiving updates in a few years, which means they will no longer be optimized or upgraded to their full potential.

Furthermore, these new, optimized devices give small businesses up to 65% faster multi-tasking capabilities, as compared to an older PC model of five years. Contrary to what people may believe, using older devices is actually costlier, as devices that are four years or older could potentially cost an average of $1700 a year, in addition to causing delays in productivity.

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You must always ask yourself: Is your business up with the times?

Without the Windows 10 Pro upgrade, businesses with outdated versions of Windows may suffer the consequences of using devices that will no longer be eligible for updates. This presents a dilemma for modern businesses—without these upgrades and updates, they jeopardize data security. To ensure that their IT is secure, optimized, and cost-effective, businesses need to stay up with the times and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Grow with the changing workplace and step into the future with a modern workplace. Empower your team to achieve more with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

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