Real Benefits of Using Skype for Business

Why Use Skype? Real Benefits of Skype for Business

Communication is essential for business. You need to communicate with employees, customers, and higher-ups. It's done every single day whether you like it or not. Why not invest in a communication tool that makes this task easier for everyone? But, with all the tools available, why use Skype?

One solution that's quickly gaining popularity among companies is Skype for Business. More than 4,000 companies are using this service with the number growing 20% each week. Its future use projections are estimated to exceed 100 million enterprise seats by 2018 if it sustains its current growth trajectory.

It's a professional interface, efficient, easy to use, and part of Microsoft Office 365. Implementation of this inexpensive communication tool can help your business increase staff productivity, improve collaboration, and lower cost.

Business is better with the enhanced communication offered by Skype for Business.

Benefits of Using Skype for Business

1) It's easy and mobile: Skype where you want, when you want. It doesn't matter what you use to access this tool. Join meetings from your PC, laptop, mobile device, or smart phone. Whatever end-user device you choose, Skype for Business can be easily installed and will keep you connected.

2) Reduce your business travel expenses: Communicating with clients is a necessity, even when they are on the other side of the country. Travel costs can make a huge dent in your profits, though. Big ticket items like flights and hotels can make you wince, and fuel bills can add up, which affects your business's profitability. When you or a member of your team is on the road, you spend less time at the office, which can slow down operations.

Non-essential business travel can be cut down using Skype for Business video conferencing. It's the perfect replacement for physical face-to-face meetings and still makes your clients feel acknowledged and involved. It's personal but doesn't eat up your entire day, saving you time and money in the process.

Cut costs with Skype for Business

3) Trim business call expenses: It's no surprise that small businesses communicate differently compared to their larger counterparts. You spend more time reaching out individually to partners, customers, and potential prospects. Making these calls can be costly, especially if the call is taking place on mobile or has long-distance fees associated with it. If you keep your business call costs at a minimum, you improve your bottom line.

By switching over to app Skype for Business, your business will benefit from low-cost international and mobile calls. This tool will allow you to save money without skimping on the quality of your services.

4) Your team's output increases: Skype for Business capabilities allow teams to see, share, and discuss projects and meetings. It can do much more than talk between colleagues. Members of the team can share their desktops, applications, documents, presentations, and online whiteboards internally and with clients.

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Internal and external communication can be full of blunders, but with Skype for Business collaboration tools, communication can be smooth and uninterrupted. When using this tool, your business will realize cost savings on several levels and see an increase in productivity.

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