Why Find Business Laptops for Your Team Through Evolve

October 17, 2017

Why Find Laptops for Your Team Through Evolve

Businesses are only as productive as their employees, and if your staff can’t get the job done due to outdated hardware, you have a big problem. Getting office laptops ensures productivity remains high and problems remain low.

When you face the facts, office laptops are more beneficial than personal devices. You won’t run the risk of having your employees complain about the poor performance of their machine, and you’re less likely to hear the age-old excuse of the typical office worker “My laptop just won’t cooperate today.”

Instead of making your way through a haze of excuses, you can provide your company with the necessary tools they need to do their job well with Evolve.

Evolve Bundled IT Service Packages

If your office is in dire need of some new equipment, you have the best choices available through Evolve — a unique IT solution designed for companies who haven’t yet expanded to a large company status.

With Evolve’s all-encompassing services, you don’t have to fret about the additional work that this task brings. We take care of everything for you. From procurement to set up, we have you covered. Our IT service packages contain the latest premium hardware from tech giants like Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Dell. Pick the brand you think would best meet the needs of your company, and then select the specific devices you would like your employees to use.

Find High Performance Laptops for Your Team

The best part about finding your office laptops through Evolve is that it doesn’t require an immediate up-front investment on your behalf. You won’t physically buy the laptops you choose; essentially, you rent them for an affordable price per user that’s billed on a monthly invoice. This way, you won’t be shackled with old hardware in five years’ time, nor will you have to take on the task of evergreening.

Evolve will save you the money of routinely procuring hardware for your business.

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Find Laptops for Your Team

You Get Nothing but Benefits with Evolve

From this point on, it gets even easier. We’ll do the set-up, take care of onboarding current and new employees, and look after maintenance issues.

If an employee is having a problem with either the device or an application, our experienced team of technical professionals is available 24/7 to rectify the challenges you are facing. Call us, send an email, or live chat with us about your problem. With our high first-call resolution rate, we’ll have the problem fixed in no time, and if we don’t, you become a top priority. You’ll also benefit from our fast service. You won’t be waiting long for a member of our technical team to assist you.  

When it comes to setting up your company’s new office laptops, your staff will have the best tools and applications at their disposal to make them more productive and collaborative. Office 365 is standard for all our devices, along with Skype for Business, and Windows 10.

Why should you get office laptops through Evolve? Because we can meet all your business needs, save you money, and save you time — all while delivering superior products and services. We work hard to support you and your team, so you can get the job done well.

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