What Is the Modern Workplace?

May 01, 2018



With the emergence of the modern workplace, businesses have evolved from the standard 9-5 to a more fluid, casual environment. Employees can take their work home and work on their own time, wherever they are. There is no requisite that forces them to follow the parameters of legacy technology and the old workday. They are encouraged to have a work-life balance and collaborate with their teammates remotely.

Things have certainly changed for the better and organisations need to keep up with the times.

Let’s see what characteristics make up the modern workplace environment.

Mobile Workforce

Employees can now work remotely. This is seen as a major advantage because it allows them to have a more flexible work schedule and to balance their work and personal life. In fact, according to the Business Development Bank of Canada, 30% of Canadian entrepreneurs have started to offer more flexible work arrangements in order to attract and retain new employees. 

One benefit for employers is that, by allowing your employees to work from remote locations, employees won’t feel compelled to take too much time off work because of the added flexibility.

Implementing the modern workplace into your organization is a creative way to encourage your employees to have a healthy work/life balance. For example, cloud technology can enable professionals to access their company’s data securely and from anywhere. This means employees working overtime can do so at home and not just at the office.

Modern Tools

Better tools and training are also a component of the modern workplace environment. Empowering your employees to use the latest tools increases their motivation and job satisfaction.

Encouraging your employees to grow and learn is an investment in your organisation’s future. That is because employees feel valued and appreciated when you invest in their development.

With the emergence of these modern tools, storing data has changed, as well. There is no need for physical servers in the modern workplace. Instead, organisations rely on storing their data on cloud-based technology, which is not only more cost-effective, but more secure, too.

The modern workplace is a less stressful workplace because it offers the convenience of modern technology solutions for everyday issues. Secure cloud services offer a more reliable way of storing data.

Open Communication

The modern workplace environment offers different ways of inter- and intra-office communication since you can communicate remotely. Effective communication fosters trust and understanding between employees.

With modern collaboration, using traditional email as the sole method of communication can actually lead to less productivity. However, fully integrating email with Microsoft Office enables team collaboration and efficient project coordination.

With different applications to communicate between team members, people rely on multiple products to get their work done. Ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings and can stall productivity. Microsoft Office 365 applications allow your employees to collaborate with each other on documents and on-screen.

Your employees don’t have to be present for meetings to communicate effectively; they can edit and share documents remotely; and they can schedule meetings. Different employees can seamlessly work together to get the best results for your business.

And that’s not to say that employees won’t be able to stay in touch with their teams. In fact, with applications from Microsoft Office 365, like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, employees can share their work while staying in constant communication with others on their team.

Team collaboration is not sacrificed in the mobile workforce — it’s enhanced.

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