What are the Business Benefits of Having a Desktop Managed Services Provider?

What are the Business Benefits of Desktop Managed Services?

IT staff are hurried, haggard, and always busy. Tasked with keeping the IT infrastructure of the business up and running, they are constantly swarmed with requests to fix this and requests to fix that. With these needs and demands, it can be difficult to accomplish other strategic IT initiatives.

There are ways, though, in which IT employees can be relieved of those daily problems, leaving them for someone else to fix. They can trust their desktop managed services provider, and breathe a sigh of relief.

What is a Desktop Managed Service Provider?

Desktop services are usually designed to keep downtime and costs minimal, meet changing business demands, and improve the productivity of a workforce. In addition to these factors, companies now need assistance to contend with and support the diversity of technology present in offices (PCs, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices), user expectations, user roles (mobile users, task workers, etc.), and locations whether close or remote.

Managed desktop service providers look after your company's desktop environment. They offer both desktop software and hardware support, lifting some of the burdens from IT staff. This environment is managed remotely and not within the office, but support of any kind is easily accessible.

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What are the Business Benefits of Desktop Managed Services?

4 Business Benefits of Desktop Managed Service Providers

When you find a trusted desktop managed desktop services provider, like Evolve, your company will get a boost in operations as your endpoints will be running fast, secure, and on budget. Here are a few more business benefits you will see:

1) Peace-of-mind: When you have a desktop managed services provider looking after your devices and software, you gain incredible peace-of-mind knowing that everything is being handled properly, and users are happy. You have an entire department to manage, so leave your computers and their maintenance to us.

2) Proactive solutions: When someone else is in charge of your devices, your end-users experience better performance, reduced downtime, and fewer glitches with applications. With a proactive monitoring program, problems like these can be detected early on, preventing their escalation and subsequent damage.

3) A dependable cost: With a desktop managed services provider, you're less likely to see erratic costs associated with their service. By enlisting their assistance, you will receive IT services that are constantly updated with no extra cost or financial risk to your business. They tend to charge a flat monthly fee for ongoing maintenance. Instead of having a huge upfront cost, you'll have some financial flexibility and a reoccurring, fixed monthly cost you can depend on.

4) Trending technology: New devices and applications come and go frequently, meaning you can invest a significant amount of money in something only to see a better version of it on the market a few months later. A desktop managed services provider will use the best technology and equipment to deliver their sought-after enhanced capabilities.

In a department where there is always a frenzy of activity, a desktop managed services provider can bring a sense of peace. The benefits of their services are mighty and will keep your company running efficiently, quickly, and securely. 

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