The Inefficiency of Having to Wait For IT Support

August 15, 2018

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Modern technologies we rely on are getting more complex, leading to more complicated solutions to IT problems. When IT services fail, it leads a series of negative consequences for businesses, ultimately preventing employees from finishing their tasks on time. These failures affect team performance because they prevent employees from finishing their tasks on time.

This added strain on employee efficiency can also affect a company’s bottom line because managers must seek out a specialized team to resolve their problems if their IT manager can’t solve it for them, but this just leads to another waiting period when they reach out to IT support services.

In fact, per a survey conducted by Lindberg International, 73% of decision makers in call centres have noted an increase in the complexity of exchanges with customers, leading to longer waiting periods.

IT help desk workers face internal pressure to be thorough, quick, and efficient, but due to the complexity of the customer service calls they receive, the wait times can be outrageous.

Where is the efficiency in that?

Reaching out to technical support maintains the scalability, agility, integrity and availability of a business; when business managers optimize the time it takes to get the right IT services, they maintain employee productivity, thereby achieving better results.

Understanding the benefits of relying on IT support services that works for your business and with your business is vital. Having to wait too long for support from an IT help desk is not only unnecessary, but costly (in time, resources, and capital).

How can business owners reduce these operational costs and ensure that their team performance is optimal?

Read on to see the benefits of having an IT managed services provider who will be there for you 24/7/365.

Reduced Budget

For a lot of modern businesses, it is difficult to balance their budget while ensuring IT strategies to safeguard productivity and uptime. That’s why many businesses have opted to outsource their IT management to IT managed services providers who keep them on top of IT challenges every day of the year, so they can focus on their business and prioritize business objectives like sales, and customer service and retention.

Experienced Technicians

When you partner with an established IT services provider, it is expected that your partner will handle all of the everyday network, hardware, and system hiccups that could bring the company to a halt. You need a managed services provider who is proactive, knowledgeable, skilful, and patient to keep technology running smoothly every day of the year.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support prevents minimal technological bumps from turning into mountains. Being able to rely on an IT service provider 24/7/365 ultimately resolves issues as soon as they arise. Knowing that you can turn to the IT help desk for any issue that comes up is like having insurance. This preventive and consistent maintenance ensures that everything works as it should while giving you the confidence that your technology tools will work as you expect.   

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When organizations have to wait too long for IT services, it can cost them a lot in money, time, and resources and that can negatively affect team performance. That’s why when things go wrong with your technology, the right IT Support will get you back up and running quickly.

Our 24/7 IT help desk has trained experts and our team boasts a first-call resolution rate of more than 75%. Evolve’s IT help desk has a team of trained experts who are there for you when you need them, working remotely to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

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