PCM Canada’s Modern Digital Workplace Symposium (May 23rd – Toronto)

May 17, 2018

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About the Modern Digital Workplace Symposium

Technology continues to shape our lives and the modern workplace.

Successful modern businesses understand that they need to create a modern workplace to be competitive, enhance teamwork, and keep-up with the changing times.

Next week, PCM Canada and the Evolve team will be hosting the Modern Digital Workplace Symposium event in Maple, Ontario. Those who attend will be brought up-to-speed on the latest solutions to the evolving business needs of the digital workplace and will have the opportunity to meet with thought-leaders of the digital transformation movement.

These invited guests will have access to the Vendor Fair, where they will hear from Stratiform President and Co-Founder, Darren Lloyd, talk about how cloud implementation and integration are impacting the modern digital workplace, as well as learn about the incoming trends in modern tools and modern collaboration from the top technology companies in the world.

Reach out to PCM Canada to learn more!

Modern Workplace Trends

As per the Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology put out by the Canadian Government, a secure enterprise infrastructure must protect peoples’ information and data, enable the trusted delivery of programs and services, and enhance security measures. Working with the knowledge that their data is safe gives clients and employees peace of mind, which enables them to complete their tasks efficiently and to the best of their ability.

Businesses must empower their team to achieve more through digital workplace technology, like business cloud services, such as Microsoft 365. Equipping your team with the right tools, training, and intelligent security promotes the best behaviours to drive growth and productivity.

Through connected digital ecosystems, businesses empower their employees to collaborate and communicate with others on their team no matter where they are. In fact, when employers increase their employees’ engagement, they increase employee retention by 87%. Per Deloitte Canada, 64% of employees prioritize working remotely over a high-paying job.   

These shifts in the modern workplace have changed modern collaboration, making it more social and digital, but not without some risk. With emerging trends like bring your own device (BYOD), cloud migration, and digital transformation, organisations are changing the ways they operate, which could jeopardize security. Taking security risks into account will save a lot of time and energy.

Simplify the Modern Workplace with Evolve

If you want to give your business a competitive edge, you likely already understand the potential impact of cloud implementation and integration. Finding a source for secure cloud services is paramount when you want to evolve your business processes and tools; especially because of the unforeseen cybersecurity challenges that arise with the implementation of cloud technology.

The Evolve team are connected to trends in the modern digital workplace, the cloud, and cybersecurity protection. We’ll help you transform your IT through our knowledge and expertise of full end-to-end network security, keeping you protected.

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