Skype and Save: The Cheapest Way to Get App Skype for Business

Skype and Save: The Cheapest Way to Get Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an easy and convenient tool for companies. Whether you need to chat with a remote member of your team or host a formal meeting with an important client, Skype for Business allows you to connect employees, collaborate with clients, and conduct business.

It's quickly becoming essential for modern companies.

Through this business tool, users can communicate through instant message, voice, and video calls and meetings. Integrating directly into Office, this version of Skype brings sophisticated security controls to protect companies during the relay of often sensitive or confidential information. It can support several third-party enterprise video and voice services and is available in mobile versions for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and iPad.

Where to Find the Best App Skype for Business Deal    

Company budgets can be inflexible even though often you want the best of both worlds. You still want to get a great product that will benefit your enterprise, but you want to do so at a great price.

What if we told you this was possible?

There are a few different versions of Skype for Business, and each one of them has a different price point attached to it. In some cases, you can get Skype for Business as a standalone plan. If it's more beneficial for your company, you can acquire it as part of an Office 365 plan, too.

If you're only looking for a standalone plan, you have two options to choose from that are available for smaller companies. Plan one is quite cheap; through a yearly contract, you only pay $2 per user every month. With this plan, you only get the Skype for Business basics.

The second standalone plan offers a lot more in terms of beneficial features for your business. It's perfect for companies searching for a tool to help with online meetings. For only $5.50 per month (an annual commitment), you can add high-definition video to group conferences, the ability to hop on meetings from a web browser or any device, and desktop sharing. You can also take advantage of remote control, the useful ability to record important meetings, and Outlook schedule integration. 

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Think Economically with Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business

Microsoft Office 365 is a big help to many businesses, and if you haven't gotten a license for that yet, you should consider getting Skype for Business through it. Again, you have two different options through Microsoft Office 365 in which you can get this communication application.

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Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, unlike the regular Business plan, includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business. It too is an annual agreement priced at $15.20 per user, per month. This plan provides the most value and is available through Evolve.

With Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, you’re able to host online and video conferencing meetings for up to 250 people and collaborate live within all Office applications thanks to integration.

Skype for Business allows you to communicate in a way that other business applications can't. With it, your staff and company appear professional and on the ball. If you need to get this useful app, ask us today about Evolve’s Skype for Business related service options and get your team working smarter, together.


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