Securing the Modern Workplace

June 13, 2018

modern workplace security and privacy

In sectors like accounting and law, clients entrust their accountants or lawyers with highly sensitive data. These clients need the peace-of-mind to know that their information will not be accessed by any third parties. For this reason, law and accounting firms must demonstrate that they have a reliable information security program in place.

With the ever-increasing dependency on technology, we know the modern workplace is here to stay. Therefore, businesses must choose technologies that empower employees and help create a private and secure environment.

To achieve this, modern workplaces must adopt a company culture that allows employees to work remotely, while using the right collaboration tools and technologies, and create a cybersecurity culture within the organisation.

Failure to accommodate the ever-changing modern workspace is not only a deterrent for employee retention, but for client retention, as well.

In creating a cybersecurity culture, CIOs and IT managers must be aware of the following three problem areas: 

Training and Awareness

Knowing how to create a secure and private workplace begins with training and awareness.

Educating employees on how they can operate in a safe and secure workplace (and ensure that it remains safe and secure) is not rocket science. Part of employee education involves training employees of potential threats such as phishing emails, password sharing, or using unsafe networks at their local coffeehouse or on their commute to work.

Properly training employees is vital. 

Training is not something organizations do once; it should be an ongoing process wherein employees learn about the changing cybersecurity threats, so they can stay ahead of cyberattacks.

This should include setting-up a complicated password to access their email, files, or computer; training them on how they must behave online; and encouraging them to speak up if they are aware of a cybersecurity threat or risk. If employees know what risks or threats to look for, they can be the first line of defense.

In addition to these practices, employees should be rewarded whenever they exemplify good security practices. The reward could be as simple as a high-five or public acknowledgement, or something more elaborate like a gift certificate. 

Sometimes recognition is reward enough. 

Internal Processes

To create a secure modern workplace, IT managers and CIOs should also set company-wide internal processes and policies when it comes to data. Establishing an information protection policy can help to manage and control how sensitive information is accessed and shared.

IT should be proactive when it comes to data privacy. What this means is your IT team should both make this data accessible anytime and anywhere, while ensuring data is continuously backed up. This will preserve visibility and maintain compliance when it comes to archiving and accessing your company’s data.

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BYOD Culture

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a common component of the modern workplace. With BYOD, employees can use their mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets) to access files or networks.

The modern workplace practice of BYOD can be a safe and cost-effective option for employers. This practice can improve employee job satisfaction and increase job efficiency and flexibility. To ensure control of corporate apps and maintain user permissions and access, businesses must choose a reliable enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

The Microsoft 365 bundle includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). EMS gives companies advanced device management with greater control and optics into the various devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. Businesses can use these modern workplace tools to increase efficiency and enhance collaboration.

To create a secure modern workplace, businesses must have a reliable and trusted partner to manage security and privacy issues. With the possibility of illegal local network access, stolen data, data loss, privacy concerns, and data segregation, your business needs the tools and access to the knowledge to protect networks. 

The Evolve team are experts when it comes to securing and enabling your modern workplace.

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