Microsoft Teams: The App for Your Diverse Workforce

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Untraditional work environments are on the rise. No longer are the majority of office employees stuck at their desk working nine to five. Instead, we are seeing more remote employees working from locations other than the office.

According to a ConnectSolutions survey, 77% of remote employees report being more productive while working off-site. Thanks to the internet and cloud computing, much of our work can now be accessed from anywhere, making a physical presence at the office unnecessary.

However, being off-site can create disconnect not only with other work projects in the office, but with the rest of your team as well.

Bridging the Disconnect Between Employees  

Through the Microsoft suite of applications, Microsoft Teams can also help empower your core unit by improving communication, collaboration, and productivity. Not only is that critical for your business, but they're also more secure than other apps that do the same thing.

So what is Microsoft Teams all about?

It's a chat-based collaboration tool that allows dispersed and remote teams to work efficiently together and share information in one common space. Some handy Microsoft Teams features include one-on-one chat, document collaboration, team chat, and more. You can also integrate it with other applications you use every day like SharePoint, Yammer, and Skype.

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Microsoft Team Features

Here are some reasons why Microsoft Teams is the right application for your diverse workforce.

1) The bots gallery: Microsoft Teams has roughly 24 bots with different functionalities that can help your team increase productivity. Bots are a form of AI that complete tasks using chat-based commands. The Growbot can help you celebrate your team's successes by allowing the exchange of kudos, and the Statsbot can deliver scheduled reports to you via sources like Google Analytics and Salesforce. The T-Bot can also help should you have any questions about the Microsoft Teams app.

2) It has the security you need: Security is where Microsoft Teams excels. Common non-Microsoft enterprise apps have 79% of vulnerabilities, whereas Microsoft applications are responsible for only 21%. With Microsoft Teams, your business will always be provided with leading security capabilities, and your sensitive data is encrypted while in transit and at rest. Every Teams account is provisioned within Office 365 and managed with the admin console.

3) Channels improve workplace chat: Channels are a cool feature of this app that create silos for team communication while improving transparency. They're quite like a distribution list for all or certain members of your team. By default, each team has one general channel, but additional ones can be easily created.

4) Connectors make team collaboration easy: With the Connectors feature, you can bring content into channels by connecting to third-party software. If you want to bring in tweets with certain filters into a specific channel so members can stay up to date, you just have to add Twitter, authenticate the communication, and enjoy!

This application is a platform for today's teams. It brings them closer together, eliminating disconnect that's often found between remote workers. Communicate and collaborate from one shared platform, and see productivity rise even higher.  

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