Increase Your Team’s Productivity with Apps

Increase Your Team’s Productivity with Apps

Do you feel like your team could use a little boost in productivity? If you do, there are tons of apps available for corporate environments to help you accomplish this goal. From increased organization to delegation to communication, online business productivity apps can help increase your team’s productivity and increase their output.

All you need to do is find one that benefits everyone.

Business Applications Built to Enhance Productivity

When choosing a productivity app for your team, you want to pick one that everyone will find use in, not just one or two people. If it's easy to use and straightforward, all the better. Here are some productivity apps that can assist your team.

1) Asana: Asana is a great project-management app that helps employees stay organized and project focused. It helps you reduce internal email, so there isn't a heap to sift through, delegate tasks when needed, and check the status of projects from a central dashboard. Between tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards, Asana enables teams to move more work from start to finish. You can see progress on any project without sending emails or scheduling meetings, easily turn conversations into actionable steps, and get only the team updates you need. With sections and columns, you can customize the app to match your established workflows and add structure to your projects.

 2) Office 365: The Microsoft suite of applications include several powerful features that make employees more productive from any location. Besides being able to work together, live on the same document via Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online, Office 365 comes with a team collaboration app called Microsoft Teams. Here, teams can chat, manage projects, and share files — all on a single, user-friendly interface that’s completely integrated with your Office 365 suite of programs.

With Office 365 mobile apps, users have access to powerful mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications that are optimized for smartphones and tablets, providing a consistent experience across any device. Users can file share and edit, enhance their email management, and access online meetings. For example, Skype for Business makes communication with clients and colleagues easier than ever, while OneDrive is an effective cloud solution for your storage and sharing problems.

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Increase Your Team’s Productivity with Apps

3) Trello: Trello is a dual purpose productivity application; you can use it for both personal and business functions. It's an easy-to-use, fluid to-do list that allows you to create multiple boards for projects where you can assign different tasks. If you've created an assignment under the wrong board, you can easily move it around, tag another user, and check it off once it's been completed.

4) Plan: Do you have to look in multiple places to get an idea of how your day, week, or month is looking? Simplify your calendar tenfold with the Plan app. It's the perfect app for people who require a calendar they can access on a browser. It can support multiple Google accounts, which is great if you need to synchronize a few together. Plan integrates with the Google Calendar and can analyze your events, too. With its "Insights" tab, you can see how many meetings you've had over the past month, along with who you've met with the most. You can also compare how many tasks you've completed compared to meetings attended.

If you're looking for a strategic way to increase your team's productivity, these mobile business apps are your solution. As each one addresses a different business challenge, one may be better suited to your team than another. Office 365, Asana, Trello, and Plan are all good productivity apps to consider. 

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