If You Can Run a Million Dollar Company, You Can Easily Improve Employee Productivity

Easily Improve Employee Productivity

To maintain your position in the C-Suite, you must achieve tangible results across the company that boost revenue and the bottom line. These strategic objectives do not vary much from quarter to quarter. To boost company growth and revenue, you must have creative, out-of-the-box ideas and the appropriate tools for your employees.

Revenue boils down to productivity. When you have more output, you see more growth and revenue come in. The key component is discovering how to produce more of it.

Happy Employees Work Better Together     

Productivity depends on your employees; they are your best asset. When your staff is happy and excited to come to work every day, their work will reflect that. According to the Harvard Business Review, happy employees are 31% more productive, are three times more creative, and have 37% higher sales than those who are not. When individuals are happy at the office, they are also better collaborators and more keen to accomplish common goals.

So how do you make that happen?

The first way to make staff happy is to foster friendships between co-workers. Your employees spend 40 hours a week together in a traditional office environment. That is a lot of time to be with someone who you may not be particularly fond of. Office morale is much higher in organizations where coworkers genuinely enjoy being around each other. Therefore, creating an office environment where friendships can form will go a long way to boosting productivity and helping your business.

Appropriate tools and resources also impact employee happiness. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a task or project and being hindered by application or hardware performance.

Not only do employees get frustrated with the device, but it also affects their workflow and can require them to work that much more to make up for the time they lost. When an organization has good performing applications and devices, employees can work to the best of their abilities without lengthy interruptions. 

Invest in Tools to Increase Employee Happiness

Good tools are often multipurpose, flexible, scalable, and provide many solutions to your business challenges. Evolve fits perfectly into this category.

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Evolve is a flat-fee, bundled productivity solution that provides the tools and resources you need to effectively boost end-user productivity. Evolve packages can be customized to focus on the unique needs of specifics user groups.

The features and support included with the packages are just what your employees need. Office 365 is one such feature that you receive with Evolve. Included in Office 365 is Yammer, an ongoing discussion thread. This social intranet allows employees to communicate with each other while increasing engagement and boosting company culture. It is an easy and convenient way to stay connected with coworkers.

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To make it even easier for your business, Evolve has a 24/7/365 help desk to assist your employees with any troubles they may be experiencing. Your staff can phone, live chat, or email our team of experts if a device or application is malfunctioning. Since Evolve takes care of this service, your IT department can spend more time on other time-sensitive tasks.

Growing your company and increasing revenue is possible when productivity is elevated. Evolve can help you with that. Foster colleague friendships and minimize interruptions with our customizable packages.


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