How to Find High Performance Laptops for Your Business Team

October 10, 2017

How to Find Laptops for Your Business Team

Choices, choices, choices; there are so many of them! How can you find the right device that suits the needs of your team or department? What are the upsides to getting a Dell laptop over an HP, Lenovo, or Microsoft?

Do you have the time to do all that research, look at reviews, and price out new hardware? If you're like other IT managers we know, you don't. Although this task is high on your to-do list, you personally may not have the time to cross it off as completed.

Find High Performance Business Laptops through a Managed Service Provider

Managed service providers, like Evolve, do a lot more than just look after your organization's devices. If you need help finding new hardware, you can give your must-have requirement list to them, and they will spend the time finding it for you, so you don't have to step back from operations.

With your list, they'll find exactly what you need.

In addition to fulfilling your procurement needs, an IT services firm can also prepare it for use. They'll install the critical business applications your employees need, along with security patches. Furthermore, they'll connect all the new laptops to your IT environment and Microsoft Office 365. The experts at Evolve can help you choose the right application stack for your business environment.

When you use our services, you can pick and choose multiple devices based on the unique needs of your different users, all on a single invoice.  

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How to Find Laptops for Your Business Team

Buying Yourself can be Problematic

If you're determined to find new hardware yourself, you're going to have to focus a lot of time and energy on this task. You'll be drawn away from IT operations, which could be problematic. After you understand the specifics of what you need to look for, you need to start shopping around to find laptops for your business.

Since you're representing your company and the seats you need, there's a strong possibility you won't get the best bang for your buck. You are only considered one transaction even though you will be buying multiple devices. Because this is so, you may not be able to receive the best deal possible compared to other procurement avenues. An IT services firm that purchases devices on behalf of multiple companies would be able to get a wholesale price because they do multiple transactions.

If you choose to buy yourself, you're also limited when it comes to warranty, onboarding, and troubleshooting. The warranty that comes with the device will be a consumer plan that usually lasts only one year unless it's extended. When troubleshooting problems arise, you'll have no one to turn to for help except for the hardware maker who can be challenging to communicate with. Onboarding issues can also cause frustration with few ways to relieve it. If you go the IT services firm route, you'll get a longer warranty plan, onboarding assistance, and troubleshooting help.

A DaaS Provider can Procure and Prepare Your High Performance Devices

There are several choices when it comes to new company hardware, but there's only one good choice when it comes to how you find them. Evolve's Device as a Service will handle the procurement of your new devices and set them up, so all you have to do is hand them out to your deserving employees.

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