How to Appraise a Bundled IT Solution Like a Pro

How to Appraise a Bundled IT Solution Like a Pro

Are you confused by IT terms like evergreening and roadmap? Does thinking about licensing agreements make your head spin? Are you glad you don't have to deal with end-user support? Thankfully, there are options to help get these tasks off your plate for good.

The right bundled IT solution can make these tasks a lot easier. How can you evaluate one, though, if IT isn't your main responsibility?

The good news is you don't need to be an IT expert to realize that a simple, bundled IT solution, such as Evolve, is beneficial to your business and all your departments. All you must do is learn it’s business value to your company and what Evolve can bring to your team.

Trim Expenses with Evolve

Since you won't be focusing on technical aspects, you can simply look at how Evolve can save your business money. Evolve is a smart bundled IT solution that can ease the challenges of budgeting, procurement, and asset management.

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How does it do this, you may wonder? Well, the Evolve platform requires absolutely zero upfront capital spending. Instead, it allows your business to create an IT budget that's predictable, scalable, and agile.

The pricing for this IT solution bundle is based on a single per-user, per month cost and all billed on one easy-to-understand invoice.  

Evolve can also reduce the reoccurring expense of having to purchase your hardware and replacing your business' old devices. We can help keep your business fresh with the latest end-user devices.

Evolve has the option to add evergreen devices at a less expensive cost than usual. Therefore, procurement doesn't have to eat up most of your time and budget. Your company will always have the newest next-gen device, and at a reduced cost.

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How to Appraise a Bundled IT Solution Like a Pro

The Right Tools for the Job

You can't change the oil in your car solely with a hammer; you need a wrench, an oil filter, and other appropriate tools. The same goes for your employees. They can't do their job properly if they aren't supplied with the tools they need to succeed.

A good tool is one that is multipurpose, flexible, and scalable. Evolve meets these criteria perfectly. It provides the tools and resources your business needs to effectively boost end-user productivity and communication. With Microsoft Office 365, lack of organization or functionality will never again be a problem for your employees.

On some projects, questions will arise, and consultations will be needed. Que Skype for Business. An optional ‘building block’ of the Evolve IT solution bundle, Skype for Business allows your employees to easily communicate with colleagues to complete tasks, finish projects, and meet deadlines. This application can also be used to communicate with clients and external stakeholders, too.

When you have the proper tools, you also begin to start attracting a more experienced and qualified talent pool. New devices and the latest application tools go a long way to making tasks easier, and their presence won't go unnoticed. They'll allow employees to do their jobs easier and more efficiently. When word gets around that you have the best tools out there, you won't stop hearing knocks at the door. 

To judge a bundled IT solution, you don't need to have years of IT experience. All you need to do is read a list of its advantages to determine if it's right for your business. Evolve can help cut your IT costs and improve productivity at the same time.

If that doesn't call for a five-star review, we don't know what does.

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