How Cisco Umbrella Benefits Healthcare

October 02, 2018

Cisco Umbrella

In healthcare, IT professionals have several security challenges, including unmanaged guest endpoints. Cisco Umbrella can help you adapt to ever-changing regulatory landscapes, an uptick in smart medical devices and the increased use of Wi-Fi in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Due to these trends, more and more healthcare organizations depend on reliable security protection for their organization’s end user protection.

Per research firm Markets and Markets, who conducted a report analyzing the global healthcare cloud computing market, they expect that the healthcare industry will reach $9.48 billion by 2020. This statistic is further proof that the healthcare industry has fully embraced cloud-managed services.

Healthcare organizations need to find a way to monitor and prevent future cyber attacks from impacting their networks. Therefore, the need to find a solution that allows for proactive network security monitoring that is easy to implement and manage.


Cisco Umbrella provides the following benefits.

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Cisco Wireless

Keep in mind that effective security doesn't need to be complicated; it doesn't require the typical operational complexity of other solutions.

The confidence that your data can keep the hackers and spies away will improve your internal and external relations. That’s why your healthcare organization needs a cloud-friendly security platform that will provide your clinic or business with faster deployment.

Healthcare IT professionals have a mounting list of security challenges that they must overcome. As cybersecurity threats grow increasingly sophisticated and frequent, organizations must address healthcare IT security and regulatory requirements. Cisco Umbrella provides wireless, cloud managed healthcare security and compliance solutions that safeguard patients, medical devices, and data from cybersecurity threats.

Cisco Wireless solutions can block malicious attacks before they get into your infrastructure. Cisco Umbrella integrates into your foundation by using DNS & IP layer enforcement with intelligent proxy so network performance is not impacted.

Umbrella Roaming Client

Your business needs a cloud security platform that stops data exfiltration and the execution of ransomware encryption so that you can work online without having to worry about your cybersecurity.

Umbrella Roaming is a cloud-delivered security solution that protects users on and off the network. Healthcare organizations need cloud security that provides the most comprehensive coverage so they can stop cybersecurity threats over all of the ports and protocols—and anywhere your users access the internet.

Network security monitoring helps organizations view, monitor, and analyze their network traffic. It also helps when troubleshooting problems and applications on the network. In 2017, University of Kansas Hospital needed help combing through their logs searching for infections to track cyber attacks. They turned to Cisco Umbrella and saw an immediate return. They shortened their investigation time by 75% and noticed a decrease in their threats by an incredible 99%. 

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An open, automated tool like Cisco Umbrella will help your IT teams reduce cybersecurity risks, simplify their management, and even control costs.

Cloud technology isn't going anywhere; it's only getting more specialized and sophisticated. It’s for this reason that healthcare organizations need to know which features they need in their cloud security platforms, such as uncomplicated security, network security monitoring, and the ability to comply with IT security and regulatory requirements.

These evolving security challenges are helping IT professionals in healthcare find effective solutions to protect sensitive data. Knowing that your IT is secure can give you the confidence you need to get your work done and keep your patient data safe.

Cisco Umbrella can give you that confidence and security.

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