How Cisco Meraki Meets The Hotel WiFi Demand

November 09, 2018


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Excellent WiFi is an expectation that patrons have come to expect from their hotel experience. Hotels that have patchy internet access create frustrations for hotel guests. There is a demand to be connected continuously. It's up to hotel owners to provide robust and reliable coverage throughout their building — especially in their guest rooms. In a 2016 Guest Satisfaction index Study from J.D. Power, free WiFi is one of three of the most important amenities hotels offer. Per this study, 71% of hotel patrons said they received complimentary Wifi, which greatly influenced their satisfaction levels.

From new devices coming out, to how we use WiFi in hotels or elsewhere, technology is changing rapidly. For example, hotel access points can now work with Bluetooth beacons to track guests’ locations for personalized service.

Some travellers might be uncomfortable giving a hotel all of this information. With Cisco Meraki in hotels, you can provide your customers with guidelines for knowing what’s involved and choosing to either opt in or out. 

There are many hotels around the world already using robust and modern wireless networks to improve their efficiency and, most importantly, to enhance their guest’s experience. For example, some hotels already have automated guest check-in, check out and room selection. Others have mobile access to housekeeping, room service and guest services (even IT). Customized notifications and alerts can also be sent to guests regarding hotel related updates and promotions.

Cisco Meraki in hotels sets itself apart with its cloud-based management platform. With this platform, companies with a smaller IT staff can eliminate the use of cumbersome hardware.


Cisco Meraki Meets Hotel WiFi Demand

Wireless network access and availability is a valuable service that customers expect from customer-facing business locations like coffee shops, lounges, restaurants, and bars. It's common practice for these types of businesses to share their WiFi with patrons so they can use the internet while enjoying other services.

It's important to remember that while this is a welcome courtesy, food and coffee won't change much in taste if there is no WiFi connection. It's the opposite situation when compared with the hotel industry.

Guests at a hotel are staying for a night or more, usually for business reasons. For this reason, it's imperative that the hotel offers a strong WiFi connection for their patrons. Cisco Meraki in hotels recognizes this and uses location analytics to enable hotels to use the Meraki WiFi connection to improve other items in their facilities.

Location Analytics and Insight Into Guest Behaviour

Cisco Meraki for hospitality monitors guest behaviour using location analytics. This is to monitor how frequently guests use the in-house gym, hotel bar, restaurant, and lobby. This information can communicate to the hotel how long guests linger in specific locations. It provides a way in which the hotel can measure the effects of investments made to their amenities. 

Meraki uses heat maps to display location traffic. When hotel owners choose to upload the floorplan of the hotel, areas of denser guest traffic appear warmer (red) on the map. This allows hotel management to get a sense of their guest's behaviour.

Finally, Cisco Meraki can also monitor return patrons by taking note of returning guest that log into the WiFi in hotels. This kind of insight can help hotels upsell and offer VIP packages to these loyal patrons.

More Than an Analytics Access Point

These Cisco Meraki features are ancillary benefits of the product. Meraki manages to continually provide a strong WiFi connection in addition to its location analytics. Cisco Meraki for hospitality offers one access point per room and wired ports for VOIP. Meraki will help hotel patrons access the internet for any purpose they like.

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