Frequently Asked Questions About Cisco Meraki

December 07, 2018

FAQ Meraki Wifi

Cisco Meraki helps business gain control of their networks by unifying visibility and providing simplified management from a single dashboard. The product line features software and hardware that works together to provide an integrated, scalable, high-performance networking solution.

We have compiled a series of commonly asked questions and answers about Cisco Meraki's features and capabilities to help you better understand the innovation behind this product.

Answers to Your Top Cisco Meraki Questions

What services does Cisco Meraki offer?

Cisco Meraki delivers networking solutions, which simplify the deployment and management of enterprise-scale networks.

It is the only solution to provide unified management of mobile devices, computers, and the entire network from a centralized dashboard. Administrators can enforce device security policies, deploy software and apps, and perform remote, live troubleshooting on all managed devices.

How does Cisco Meraki deliver its services?

This solution sells both networking hardware devices, which include wireless Access Points (APs), switches, and security appliances, as well as access to its cloud-based software that monitors and manages those devices.

Cisco Meraki allows control from anywhere by providing users with the ability to securely access their management software though a web browser. By logging into Meraki services through the Cisco Meraki website, users can access the network management interface, update user accounts and change passwords.

Can users run corporate and guest networks simultaneously?

Cisco Meraki APs support multiple service set identifiers (SSIDs), which can be configured to serve a variety of purposes. SSIDs can either be secured with enterprise-class authentication, or left open for guest users.


How should users set up their AP for optimal coverage?

There is no right answer to this question, because setting up a wireless network solution for optimal coverage depends on a number of environmental factors. However, you should note that each device in the MR product line has specific coverage patterns. Users can employ these patterns as a general positioning guide, and then a network administrator can select which radio channel to use. To further optimize coverage, users can attach outdoor MR units to an antenna.

Can users block individuals/groups of devices from their network?

Administrators can configure and manage block lists (or whitelists) for either groups of devices by operating system, or individual devices by MAC address.

Can users mesh their AP with third-party devices or non-Cisco Meraki devices?

While it is possible to set up a heterogeneous mesh network that incorporates non-MR devices, official testing has not been completed. It is important to note that Cisco Meraki support cannot help troubleshoot issues with non-MR meshing.

How many concurrent users can my device handle?

The amount of traffic that users generate on an individual AP affects the number of users that the AP can support. Meraki APs with 802.11ac WiFi can support up to five times the data rate of standard 802.11n devices, and are recommended for high demand environments.

Do Cisco Meraki devices support Point to Point over Ethernet (PPPoE)?

Cisco Meraki MR series devices do not currently support PPPoE. One possible workaround involves connecting the ethernet port of an MR device into an MX Security Appliance or third-party PPPoE-ready router.

Are Cisco Meraki devices plenum-rated?

Cisco Meraki MR indoor access points are plenum-rated, enabling users to install them above ceilings in plenum areas.

Can you use Meraki for Multiple Organisations?

If you are managing more than one organization, you should dedicate a unique email to each organization, such as You can then give (and remove) additional access to others at will.

Where can I find a Cisco Meraki Partner?

Evolve NX—powered by Cisco—helps businesses deploy and maintain an integrated and secure network. You can get in touch with an Evolve NX specialist at any time - our specialists are trained and certified to provide customers with 24/7/365 IT support services.




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