DaaS: Pick the Best Device Managed Services Provider

DaaS: Pick the Best Device Management Provider

Managing and maintaining your organization’s devices is hard work. There’s never a day without any problems, is there? Rectifying issues with hardware and software can bog down your IT pro who may need to focus on other projects.

With the right business laptops and services, your business can shift many of those tasks to a trusted and experienced vendor, such as Evolve.

Why Evolve is Your Answer  

Evolve is the best choice because we offer you the flexibility of customizing your end-user experience. We want you to have the best high performance laptops and software available to make your organization and end-users more productive.

And yes, we’re also more than happy to help you manage it.

Evolve allows you to choose business laptops from several world-class brands including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. You can choose from a Dell Latitude, Surface Pro, a HP EliteBook, a Lenovo ThinkPad, and more! Each brings with it business benefits to your company.

The choice is up to you!

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As part of our DaaS services, you will always have the latest and greatest business laptop! Every 36 months, we’ll replace all your organization’s laptops for you and bring in the newest device version of your choice. By choosing this evergreening option, you no longer have to worry about this monumental, time-consuming, and expensive task. Your inventory will always consist of premium devices and your users will be happy.  

DaaS: Pick the Best Device Management Provider

Unlimited Support Services to go Along with Your New Business Laptops

In addition to equipping your company with the best laptops and software, we’ll also look after them. Evolve has a 2427/7 /365 on-call Help Desk that is there to answer and solve your every question, concern, or problem.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can fix the most complex hardware and software problems and get the best desktop devices up and running so your team doesn’t miss a deadline.

New business laptops through a managed services provider like Evolve are more than affordable for businesses of any size. With our package options, you can customize your environment to suit your business needs. This all-inclusive laptop and services bundle includes one device per user, which is covered under complete warranty and is renewable every 36 months.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro come included with your laptops, along with provisioning, configuration, and procurement services. This Evolve package starts at $49 per user/month — a price that won’t break your IT budget.

A laptop and services provider can assume the management and maintenance of your company’s devices and the support of your users.

Evolve should be your first choice for this because we offer business software packages with customization, flexibility, superior support, and hardware, in a low monthly rate. Find out how much Evolve will save you with through our e-quote calculator.    

Find out how much Evolve will save you with through our e-quote calculator.    

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