Choosing the Right Collaboration Solution

September 18, 2018

right collaboration solution

How can you be sure that you have elected the right collaboration solution for your organization? This question is especially significant when choosing the wrong collaboration solution can mean sacrificing productivity and security.

When you’re trying to decide which collaboration tool for business to use, it’s important to consider the effect this decision has on team collaboration, data security, and connectivity in the workplace. You want to empower your team to achieve more with wireless security solutions that foster collaboration and teamwork. 

Not all conferencing tools are created equal, but with a secure, scalable solution, you can empower your team to achieve more. Per a report from McKinsey & Company, you can increase your organization’s productivity by 20 to 30% through the use of several collaboration tools.


The following are three features you should consider when choosing the right online collaboration solution.

 Eliminate Siloed Communication

 The right collaboration solution for your business should be device agnostic, meaning that it should work on any mobile device without the need for special modifications. You want to choose a solution that you can integrate or implement over existing technologies at your disposal so that you can leverage those existing technologies.

Ideally, this hybrid solution would eliminate the use of siloed communications. 

Having to piece together disparate tools and technologies is aggravating. However, in using a tool that easily integrates with your other hardware, you provide your workers with a solution that empowers them to centralize projects, conversations, and their curated content. Empower your team to achieve more with group messaging, in-app calling, secure file sharing, and virtual whiteboarding.

 Easily Install Software

 The right collaboration tool for business should ease the administration of use. That is to say, that the installation should be straightforward enough so that anyone without the technical know-how or savvy can do it themselves. It should empower your employees to collaborate, making it easy for people to invite others, as well as to schedule and start their meetings.

Collaboration tools that are both hard to implement or use make it impossible to get work done. Wasting time (and resources) is an impediment that can negatively affect your bottom line.

When you’re looking for a solution to encourage team collaboration, its features should include consistency, scheduling, scalability, and security so that you can focus on the meeting itself and not the technology you’re using.

 Securely Share Files

 Whenever people within your organization want to send data, you want to ensure that they are doing it in a way that is secure.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, secure file sharing should be a feature that you look for in the collaboration tool you choose. When you prioritize security, you want to ensure that the collaboration solution you picked provides you with multiple layers of security. 

Therefore, you must look for a collaboration tool that offers scalable architecture, consistent availability, and multilayered security to ensure data security and empower your workers to work together.

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When trying to choose the right collaboration tool for your business, you must consider certain features. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, Cisco Webex Teams is the right collaboration tool for modern companies. What’s more, per the Gartner report, Cisco has the highest rating for Ability to Execute, as well as Completeness of Vision for meeting solutions.

Of all the collaboration tools for business available, Cisco Webex Teams is the right cloud-managed secure collaboration tool that offers a global, full-service meeting experience. Evolve NX – powered by Cisco – takes that one step further by giving you the implementation and support services to deploy and manage your networking, collaboration tools, and security. 

Create an integrated and secure network with the right solution for team collaboration, secure file sharing, and cloud managed services. Get in touch with an Evolve NX expert today.

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