What you Need to Consider When Choosing Collaboration Tools in 2019


Collaboration in the modern workplace is different from what it used to be.

Today, it often means that you connect with others using modern collaboration tools and technologies to facilitate communication between people in different locations or time zones.

Modern collaboration means you have the freedom to be creative in how you work with others to achieve your goals.

In this post, we'll guide you through:

Asking the right questions

You may be wondering how you can give your staff the best tools to meet their needs? To accurately identify and assess these requirements, we recommend asking the following questions when selecting collaboration tools and technologies

Is your collaboration tool multi-functional? 

Collaboration tools often focus on only one aspect of team collaboration, such as videoconferencing. However, when opting for technology tools that have multiple features and uses, you gain additional functionality that can introduce new methods of collaboration and increase productivity.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that the best modern collaboration tools and technology should come equipped with customizable features, including mobile-friendly versions of the software, video logging, and file sharing. Features like this extend the operating envelope of the tool and make it more useful across a variety of situations.

Is your modern collaboration tool easy to use?

Email can bog down processes and interrupt the flow of communication. Modern professionals have started to rely on different collaboration tools and technologies to help move projects forward and effectively communicate to both internal and external audiences.

Intuitive platforms with simple navigation systems that are customizable and easy to use can make the training and onboarding process more straightforward. Remember, the usability of a tool is just as important as the functionality it delivers. The easier it is for users to familiarize themselves with the tool and configure it to their preferences and needs, the more likely they are to make use of it and realize the promised benefits.

What are your collaboration tool’s privacy options?

Another element to consider when choosing a collaboration tool is privacy. Organizations that frequently work with sensitive client information must be mindful that their employees don’t accidentally share client details through insecure channels or in public spaces. The robustness and configurability of integrated privacy controls should be an important consideration when evaluating which collaboration tool to use in your modern workplace.

Can you easily integrate your tool with existing applications?

The right collaboration solution for your business should be device agnostic. That means it should be available and optimized for any device without the need for modifications or workarounds. You want to opt for a solution that can be integrated or implemented over the existing technologies at your disposal to leverage your existing technologies.

Effective communication creates mutual trust and understanding. Collaboration platforms should equip teams to effectively share ideas, tackle challenges, and develop solutions.

Ultimately, modern collaboration tools and technologies shape how your employees approach and complete assignments. These tools can help develop a more cooperative company culture and enable higher productivity, increasing efficiency and giving your business a competitive advantage.

So how do you choose the right collaboration solution for your organization?

How to Choose the Right Collaboration Tool

How can you ensure that you have chosen the right collaboration solution for your organization? Ideally, it should help improve collaboration by:

  • Eliminating siloed communication in your organization
  • Making it easier to install and update software across a variety of platforms and devices
  • Integrating file sharing directly into the service.

When evaluating collaboration tools for your business, consider certain features. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, Cisco Webex Teams is the right collaboration tool for modern companies. What’s more, per the Gartner report, Cisco has the  highest rating for Ability to Execute, as well as Completeness of Vision for meeting solutions.

Of all the collaboration tools for business available, Cisco Webex Teams is the original cloud-managed secure collaboration tool that offers a global, full-service meeting experience. Evolve NX – powered by Cisco – takes that one step further by giving you the implementation and support services to deploy and manage your networking, collaboration, and security tools.

What are the benefits of Webex Teams?

Eliminate Siloed Communication

Silos restrict the flow of information across an organization, creating barriers and time-consuming duplicative work. A 2017 eConsultancy survey found that 40 per cent of respondents thought each department in their respective organization had it’s own agenda.

Breaking down silos can better support geographically dispersed teams, who often feel cut off from the home office. Crystal-clear video conferencing and built-in features like calling, messaging, and file sharing can help get your team on the same page, even if they’re in a different city.

Easily Install & Setup Software

Collaboration tools for business should be easy to install on a variety of devices, and provide both a consistent user experience and core functionality across platforms.

Whether you’re in a dedicated conference room, on a desktop computer, or on your mobile device, Webex Teams will ensure you’ll never need to miss out on a meeting.

Securely Share Files

Whenever people within your organization want to send data, you need to ensure that they are doing it in a way that is secure. The integrity and reputation of your business depend on it.

Webex Teams employs end-to-end encryption and a security architecture that greatly reduces the number of vulnerable points present in other cloud-delivery services.


Webex Whiteboard

How Webex is Improving Healthcare

Recently, the American College of Physicians reported that a little over half the doctors in Canada said that their patients had to wait four weeks or more to see a specialist. The reasons for are varied, but one cause could be geographical location. In rural areas where medical staffing is restricted, patients must travel long distances to meet with specialists.

In many situations, organizations equipped with flexible collaboration tools can provide their patients with better medical attention.

Webex offers a platform that can address clinical and operational challenges in two major ways:

First, improve care & productivity by eliminating distance as a barrier to delivering care:

  • Provide consultations and second opinions to sites without requisite clinical resources
  • Use application sharing to help clinicians access records from disparate systems
  • Engage remotely located physicians for whom travel or other costs would have precluded using their expertise
  • Conduct research collaboration sessions without the need to travel

Second, reduce costs associated with medical education and application training:

  • Conduct regional, staff, and operations meetings without travel
  • Deliver continuing medical education for physicians and nurses
  • Provide education opportunities on demand, online
  • Roll out application training to healthcare staff on new processes
  • Conduct education for large groups
  • Provide online forums for group case reviews

The Cisco WebEx platform facilitates better communications, learning, and collaboration through a highly secure, integrated environment. It’s a virtual team workspace, training center, and meeting center with single sign-on to support all collaboration tools and solutions.

Why Webex Teams

Ongoing team collaboration is necessary so that your healthcare organization can be successful. One way to improve a medical practitioner's ability to collaborate with fellow team members, partners, consultants, and patients (both on location and remotely) is for them to receive ongoing education on collaborative tools and technologies. Making use of these new collaboration tools can significantly improve the quality and speed of medical services.

 Cisco Webex Teams enables healthcare workers to interact virtually with each other. The security, compliance, and management features of Webex Teams helps keep patient data safe, meet regulatory and legal needs, and simplify scheduling.

Build stronger teams with our favourite collaboration tool

 The Evolve NX bundle - powered by Cisco is an integrated network solution that gives companies the visibility, enterprise mobility management, support, and implementation they need so modern workers can be successful in growing the business. Employees can collaborate from wherever and whenever using software that is both secure and lets them manage their data and files on the cloud.

The way people collaborate has changed, and Cisco Webex Teams is the collaborative solution that was designed with this evolution in mind. Users can manage messaging, host meetings, and even make calls under one console from the cloud with the both the security and peace of mind to make critical decisions faster.

Webex Teams gives you all the tools, all the time, everywhere. Try it for free today, and make teamwork your best work!
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