Benefits of Integrating Meraki with Cisco Umbrella

January 03, 2019

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IT executives often struggle to securely provide the flexibility and access demanded by their user base. With new connections come new vulnerabilities and potential exploits. It’s hard to argue that the rise of mobility and cloud solutions are increasing the pressure on networks and on your IT department. 

Today’s organizations have more locations and devices to protect, and cyber criminals are using several different ports to obtain access or exfiltrate data. Per the latest research from Cisco, 49% of the workforce is mobile and under-defended while 82% of don't always use the corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Integrating Meraki with Cisco Umbrella can benefit your business by boosting your network security and reducing pressure on your IT department. 

Advanced DNS Protection

The pace at which new security threats are being introduced and propagated online is exponentially increasing, gaining speed with each passing year. Your business must secure its wireless users from malicious attacks— particularly those in Domain Name System (DNS) blind spots. 

For reference, DNS is a layer of critical infrastructure for how the internet works. It’s no surprise that 97% of advanced malware use DNS as part of their attack. Unfortunately, most security practitioners do not monitor DNS traffic for malicious internet connections, which creates these blind spots – this is one of the reasons why Cisco Cloud Security Expert Dan Hubbard emphasizes why it’s critical to monitor DNS activity and examine it during investigations.

Layered Internet Security

Meraki Access Points now integrate with Cisco Umbrella to protect wireless clients from malicious online threats.

Umbrella is the industry’s first secure internet gateway: a cloud-delivered first line of defence against threats including malware, ransomware, and phishing.  Umbrella enforces security at the DNS layer by identifying requested web domains hosting threats and blocking end-user access, preventing exposure to security threats. Umbrella also enables more secure DNS querying through a tool called DNSCrypt, which automatically encrypts DNS queries between your network and Umbrella’s servers, effectively eliminating the chance that your questions will be the victim of eavesdropping or man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

The Umbrella global network infrastructure handles more than 100 billion internet requests a day and has reduced malware infections by 98%.  How? Operating at the DNS and IP layers, it acts as the first line of defence against threats, stopping them before they happen.

Setting Up Umbrella for a Meraki Network is Easy

Cisco Meraki and Umbrella make a dynamic duo. When you combine Cisco Meraki and Umbrella, you enable users to more easily protect and manage devices and apps with DNS layer protection from cloud-managed dashboards. 

With Cisco Meraki’s networking product family of wireless LANs (local area networks), your company's routers and security appliances are simplified for provisioning, optimization, content filtering, firmware updates, redundancy, and monitoring. You can centrally manage each Meraki device from the cloud, and with the choice of six models, you have the flexibility provide the right option for each environment.

These integrations are simple to deploy and manage – once the access points are deployed, there is no additional hardware to install or software to update. Users can start protecting their customers in minutes, whether they are on or off the corporate network.

If you’re not currently a Meraki or Umbrella customer, you can test out both products for free!

Try Cicso Umbrella with a 14-day free trial!

Try Cisco Meraki with a 14-day free trial!

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Individually, these security technologies can help to safeguard your organization’s IT infrastructure. But you can realize even further benefits by integrating Meraki with Umbrella.

For more information on Cisco’s security technologies, get in touch with an Evolve NX expert. We will evaluate a sample of your data points to gain a deep understanding of your networks and practices, and offer a solution backed by 24/7/365 IT support.

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