4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Needs

Why You Should Outsource Your IT Needs

IT departments are tasked with the responsibility of governance, infrastructure, and functionality; ensuring all hardware and systems are running properly within the company. These three high-level responsibilities can further be broken down into smaller, more detailed tasks, which often leave IT departments swamped. In order to unburden this essential department, many businesses choose to outsource a few, or many, of their IT needs.

Is it Time to Outsource Your IT Services?

There are several reasons why organizations choose to outsource their IT needs. Managing hardware lifecycles, network issues, and data security is becoming increasingly difficult for IT departments due to the complex nature of IT systems. In fact, 31% of IT services were outsourced in 2016. Let’s take a look at why 31% of businesses — and possibly your own company — would choose an outsource strategy for IT.

  • Simplify onboarding of new employees: The ability to contain costs is a key reason why companies decide to outsource IT needs. There are several IT cost control benefits that come with using Evolve, the first managed IT service bundle of its kind. Hiring and onboarding costs created by new employees can exceed the amount allocated within budget. Including onboarding services to enable new employees to hit the ground running. IT managers no longer have to spend their valuable time completing this task.

           With Evolve, onboarding new employees can be completed on budget and in a fraction of the time. Extra costs associated with ongoing training of employees on the latest apps  would also be eliminated, because the end-user can access Evolve’s Training Portal for quality resources to increase their productivity and knowledge.  

  • Reduce risk: With companies dependent on the internet to conduct business and manage operations, it’s become imperative to ensure assets and communication are well secured. The frequency of cyberattacks and hacking are increasing, meaning organizations must thoroughly protect themselves. Many IT companies recognize this risk and are working towards making their products safer for businesses.

           Office 365, powered by the Microsoft Cloud, are apps offered through Evolve that have  enhanced security to protect its users. As a result, companies utilizing the Microsoft  Cloud won’t have to pay extra costs for additional data security. Threats are also  minimized due to imbedded and advanced threat protection of Windows 10. Evolve’s  Support Centre further reduces risk by decreasing IT downtime, which keeps systems running optimally.

  • Get the most out of your software investments: An important aspect of managing an IT department is auditing the system to ensure both maximum performance and efficiencies. Conducting audits will help IT departments identify what resources, hardware, and applications are underutilized, and what further investments (if needed) can be made to advance the IT department and assist employees.

           When businesses outsource to Evolve, users will gain access to a variety of the latest applications to conduct business and communicate with colleagues and clients. Skype for Business, Windows 10, and Office 365 all help businesses achieve operational goals on a user-friendly interface.  

  • Reduce capital costs: If you lack the foundational infrastructure needed for everyday business tasks, outsourcing may make sense from a capital expenditure standpoint. Obtaining new hardware and assets can require significant investment at the time of purchase, and costs of separate licenses for multiple applications can quickly run high. Although their use is essential for work purposes, it’s possible to reduce overall expense of IT and increase ROI through Evolve.

           Why pay a pretty penny for crucial applications when companies can receive the same applications, with additional back-end services, in a cost-effective bundle? Enjoy zero upfront capital costs and rely on this forecastable operational expense, billed monthly per user.  

As you see, these are some of a variety of reasons why companies would consider outsourcing IT services. Evolve offers several IT services for businesses to leverage. If any of these situations are challenges your organization is facing, it’s time to consider Evolve.


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