4 Benefits of Customizing Your Own IT Solution

4 Benefits of Customizing Your Own IT Solution

When a company has a customized IT solution tailored to their specific needs, the entire business truly benefits. Since every business has different operational requirements, it is difficult to accommodate various needs with a standard solution. Customizable IT solution packages allow businesses to fine-tune and optimize the best options for their unique needs —eventually simplifying business processes and reducing costs.

Advantages of Customizing IT Packages

Tailoring an IT package is a strategic business move that gives organizations more options to move forward, support end-users, and complete tasks. It is with this customized mix of technology and managed services that organizations can become more efficient and productive. Here are some more advantages companies can look forward to:

1) Greater flexibility: Flexible companies are better able to adapt to changing environments and changing demands. For example, packages included with Evolve can be customized to include 24/7 support, which helps achieve this flexibility we speak of. Customizing your own IT solution places organizations in the position to deploy resources faster because there is minimum change required — no local or on premise resource is needed. It also produces a certain degree of financial flexibility as a custom solution frees-up a portion of the IT resources for more strategic and timely projects.

2) Greater scalability: As businesses grow, so do their IT and other operational needs. A tailored IT package which can scale easily and store data in cloud-based applications enables companies to expand the company’s data accessibility, while still protecting the integrity of the company’s documents.

If an organization has an IT department in one location that manages their files, expanding is far more complicated and costly as the department would have to customize configurations or install software to make the data accessible. However, data stored on the cloud allows employees across a business to access resources and data needed for projects easily and consistently, with the ability to control access to sensitive information.

3) Reduced evergreen cycles: Evergreening can be a hassle for IT departments as it requires a lot of human resources and the powering down of key business departments. The optimal refresh date for hardware is every three years, according to Wipro, meaning this task can be a continuous cycle for larger companies. Customizable IT packages offered through Evolve removes the headaches of managing these lifecycles and offloads the work from your IT employees to the Evolve team.

Businesses wouldn't have to invest in new hardware every three years and suffer that upfront cost because hardware through Evolve is only leased, not purchased — reducing risk and costs around hardware lifecycle management. With Evolve, your employees have access to the latest and choice of premium devices.

4) Stackable applications: Business needs across industries are not the same; every company is unique in nature, and their users reflect that. Customizing packages allow businesses to select applications and features that function best for their end-users and increase the quality and quantity of their output levels. Instead of receiving an application no employee would have the use for, companies obtain Office 365, on Windows 10, with the option to add/stack-on Skype for Business and a premium device.

Customizing an IT solution that best suits your company’s needs is a competitive advantage that will set you apart from your competition. All members of your organization, from senior leadership to end-users, will reap the benefits of the IT solution that was designed with their needs in mind. This will ultimately improve end-user productivity and keep your business moving forward.

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