3 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity in the Modern Workplace

boost employee productivity

How can you boost employee productivity and collaboration in the modern workplace?

Fostering a productive and collaborative work environment begins with streamlining communication between employees. Enhancing communication in the workplace is one of the best ways to improve employee productivity.

Businesses can easily improve employee productivity if they adopt the following approaches.

Use Clear Communication

Not all communication methods are created equal. Per a study conducted by Carleton University, emails can take up approximately a third of a modern employee’s office time. Good, clear communication in the workplace is one the best ways to improve employee productivity.

While it’s not entirely orthodox, CEOs should encourage employees to meet face-to-face for team meetings. However, with modern technology tools, people can stay in touch with each other with a simple click of a mouse and with modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype, people in organisations can have quicker, more effective communication. 

Good, clear communication in the workplace is one the best ways to improve employee productivity.

Rely on Technology 

The application of cloud technologies within modern organisations also improves business productivity. Relying on technology and other modern workplace tools can give employees the boost they need to increase their efficiency when they complete their tasks. In fact, per the Business Development Bank of Canada, businesses that embrace digital technologies improve their employees’ efficiency by 36%.

With the Evolve productivity bundle, users get a full software and services solution that includes Office 365 Business Premium, Windows 10 Pro devices, Skype for Business, and 24/7/365 cloud concierge support. 

Evolve business solutions is technology made simple, so IT managers can easily improve employee productivity. And with software like Windows 10 Pro, CIOs will provide their workers with the modern tools and technology that allows for more flexibility and higher productivity.

Encourage Working Remotely  

Encouraging workers to work remotely might seem like a bad idea — how exactly can managers monitor productivity when employees aren’t even in the office?

But in Canada's job market, 47% of workers have flexible work arrangements. This mobility in the modern workplace has resulted in the adoption of more and more distributed teams throughout the country. 

Allowing employees to do what feels best for them and fits their lifestyle has had a positive effect on employee job satisfaction, while simultaneously enhancing productivity.

For example, while being productive in the workplace might mean that one modern employee works the standard 9-5 workday, for another, it might mean that they work best on their own time or in a non-traditional work setting, like a coffee shop or a home office. 

While it’s true that letting workers telecommute wastes less time and easily improves employee productivity, one aspect that employers should consider is cybersecurity.

Business managers should encourage workers to use secure internet connections when they connect with their teammates via Skype or Microsoft Teams to keep their networks secure. And, with the Windows 10 Pro upgrade and its security features, workers can work with the confidence that their data is secure.

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The digital transformation of the modern workplace is a positive change to the way people work. Organisations that want to improve business productivity must empower their teams with the right tools that both improve communication in the workplace and encourage teams to work remotely.

Improving communication in the workplace, encouraging workers to work remotely, and relying on technology solutions are three of the best ways to improve employee productivity.

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