Achieve More Together with Microsoft 365 Business

Picture1.pngSoftware that promotes workplace team collaboration is a necessity in any modern office. Employees want to be able to jump in on video conferencing, view files, and share ideas easily. 

In fact, 83% of knowledge workers depend on technology to collaborate. Using email for sending files is a slow process that is outdated and inefficient - it can even cause files to get lost. Modern employees want an integrated platform that allows them to access documents and stay connected to coworkers and clients seamlessly.

Without the right tools, mobile workers are not able to respond quickly to emails, make virtual meetings, or stay productive.

Microsoft 365 Business is the answer.

Microsoft 365 Business is an all-encompassing solution that will allow your employees to express their creativity and work together in a secure environment. This complete solution brings together the best of Microsoft - Office 365, Windows 10, Skype for Business, and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

It is available on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and through web browsers.

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated cloud-based solution that simplifies IT, amps up your data security, and keeps employees' devices up to date with the latest from Windows 10 and Office 365.

This software gives your employees access to Office 365 apps, OneDrive for Business file storage, and Outlook. These platforms allow employees to work on the go and stay connected to email, calendars, and data - even when they are offline. Their files and inboxes will automatically sync the next time they access a connection.


Always-on security features

Keeping your data safe is very important for the success of your business. With the average cost of a security breach is $12 million the impact on your business could be detrimental.

Microsoft 365 Business has always-on security features to keep your data safe. It also includes Advanced Threat Protection and enhanced Exchange Online security. These work to reduce the number of successful cyber-attacks.

You won't need to worry about your employees missing a meeting or deadline. They can use the digital personal assistant, Cortana, to schedule reminders, appointments, and tasks. Cortana there is provide your employees with any assistance they may need.

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With the BYOD trend growing, you don't need to worry about having more devices and apps accessing your company's data and potentially putting it at risk. Microsoft 365 provides automatic and universal enforcement of security policies. These will reduce your business's risk of data breaches.

This software also supports end-user security by making sure that devices receive the latest updates, and built-in encryption locks down lost and stolen devices. 

Microsoft 365 Business will give your company reduced downtime, enhanced collaboration, decreased security events, increased efficiency, and all at an affordable price.

Evolve can seamlessly bring the benefits of Microsoft 365 Business to your company. Evolve is an accredited cloud solution provider and managed services provider. We can bring you the software and look after many of your IT challenges. We will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus your time and energy on growing your business. 

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